Diet & Nutrition Consulting

For questions and advice about your pet’s diet, call to speak with a member of our vet team. We do not charge for telephone advice.

Weight & Diet Advice for Pets

Our diet and nutritional consulting service helps your pet maintain a healthy diet that meets its need at every stage of life.

This service is ideal for:

  • Overweight pets. We can recommend a diet plan based on your pet’s size, breed, age, and energy requirements.
  • Allergic pets. If your pet is having adverse reactions to something in its diet we can help identify potential allergens and recommend appropriate alternatives.
  • New pet owners. Diet is a major component of your pets overall health. We can offer advice on appropriate pet foods for each stage of your pets life, taking away the expensive trial and error of experimenting with pet foods.

To arrange a diet and nutrition consultation for your pet

Call our friendly team to make a booking.

You can also book your next appointment online!