Geriatric Pet Care

Our specialised team at Yarraville Veterinary Clinic can provide a range of services to help your ageing pet.

Senior Pet Care at Yarraville Vet Clinic

Our pets are special – and when they get to be seniors, they deserve a bit of extra attention as a reward for all of their years as your best friend. Cats and dogs are classified as seniors when they reach the age of 7, and it is from here we see rapid changes in their health. Fluctuations in weight, changes in appetite, increased thirst or urination – and many more signs can indicate that your pet may be suffering from a variety of age-related concerns.

In order to best monitor any changes your pet may be going through, we recommend twice yearly health checks for pets ages 7 and up. This gives us a clear indication of any changes in your pet’s health and behaviour, and provides a baseline from which we can measure the speed and nature of these changes.

Our specialised team can provide a range of services to help your ageing pet with a variety of concerns:

  • Mobility and activity advice to help your older pet stay active
  • Skin checks and treatments to identify painful, irritating, or dangerous conditions before they cause major harm
  • Eye examinations and treatments to identify vision degradation in older pets
  • Weight management and diet consultations
We also offer a free telephone service, in which you can call and ask for advice about your senior pet.

Concerned about the health of your ageing pet?

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about your pet’s health or behaviour.