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Google Maps location for Yarraville Veterinary Clinic

Yarraville Veterinary Clinic
291 Williamstown Road
VIC 3013

03 9314 8945

Our friendly team make it easy to protect your pets with regular vaccinations

We make it easy to keep your pet healthy and happy with simple and stress-free vaccinations.

Pet Vaccination Prices

  • The cost of an annual health check and C5 vaccination for a dog is $102.25 including a consultation fee
  • The cost of an annual health check and F3 vaccination for a cat is $85.50 including a consultation fee
  • As with consultations, we do offer a 10% reduction for pensioners and Seniors. We also offer a multiple animal discount.

To Have Your Pet Vaccinated

Vaccinations require an appointment for a consultation so please call our friendly team to make an appointment.


If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to find price of items or the likely cost of particular health problems, feel free to ask our team.