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Google Maps location for Yarraville Veterinary Clinic

Yarraville Veterinary Clinic
291 Williamstown Road
VIC 3013

03 9314 8945

Our professional groomer blow dries a happily groomed dog.

To improve the happiness, comfort, and well-being of your pet we provide a clipping, bathing and grooming service for our clients.

  • All breeds and sizes catered for.
  • Our senior groomers have over 20 years experience each.
  • Our team can manage the grooming requirements of difficult and uncooperative pets. 
  • Pets with an extreme aversion to grooming can be sedated (under veterinarian supervision) in order improve comfort, safety, and grooming results (Sedation can be a particularly good option for long haired cats that have become very knotted).
  • We stock a range of specialist shampoos and conditioners that enable our groomers to meet the needs of pets with various skin conditions.


How To Arrange a Grooming Session for Your Pet

Clipping and grooming is strictly by appointment so give our friendly team a call to make an appointment.

Please note it is a good idea to allow a couple of weeks notice as there is very strong demand in the high seasons.