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Yarraville Veterinary Clinic
291 Williamstown Road
VIC 3013

03 9314 8945

A happy and healthy desexed dog sitting in the park

Our pet desexing service makes it easy to keep your pet healthy and well-behaved, while also protected your pet from unwanted (and expensive) pregnancies.

  • We desex dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs
  • We prefer that animals are 6 months old, but we do perform a number of desexings for welfare organisations at much younger ages and we are happy to extend this service to you if you require it.


Pet Desexing Prices

Naturally, pensioners and Seniors get a 10% discount, as do people with more than one animal

Female Pets

Dog Spay less than 10kg $288.00
Dog Spay less than 20kg $312.00
Dog Spay less than 30kg $360.00
Dog Spay more than 30kg $430.00
Cryptorchid Castration-up to $1,100.00
Cat Spay $205.00
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Spey including critical care formula post op
- must be over 5 months old

 Male Pets

Dog Castration less than 10kg $230.00
Dog Castration less than 20kg $250.00
Dog Castration less than 30kg $270.00
Dog Castration more than 30kg $310.00
Cat Castration $120.00
Rabbit/G Pig Castration including critical care formula
- must be over 3 months old


To Book a Desexing For Your Pet

Call our friendly team and make a booking.